Saturday, 1 December 2018

Create Surreal Pictures With Low Angles Overcast Skies

I found that I for the most part preferred strange looking pictures, and I could accomplish that by completing a couple of things;

As a matter of first importance, I began capturing from a low point. What I for the most part like about low edges is that the watcher can at long last observe the most pleasant asphalts and tiles, vegetation, water, sand, and so on., that will generally remain underexposed. Those items on the floor will lead the watcher to the principle question in the image. Particularly when shooting with a wide point focal point.

The fundamental question is the second thing. I for the most part like symmetrical articles, similar to two trees, structures or different items.

The third primary fixing is a dramatical, cloudy sky. I ridiculously like cloudy skies. Lastly, when I arrive home I alter the photos in Adobe Camera Raw and play with shadows, midtones and features. From that point onward, I in some cases utilize Photoshop for some additional honing or complexity.
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