Monday, 26 November 2018

Burning Wood Unique Art Creation Spend a lot of hour's

Last year for my Year 12 art project I make a plan to learn how to do photography, and use that medium for my final art piece. With some guidance from my teacher, I prepared the wood and then sat down for the first time with a photography pen. I spent over 50 hours working on my project, turning it in just in time.
It was a set of three Australian animals burnt into a slab of Tuart, the work was titled ‘Imperiled’. I entered that piece into a Year 12’s exhibition at the Graduation Regional Art Gallery and it was accepted and exhibited. After some weeks, it was moved from that exhibition on to the ‘Year 12 Perspectives’ exhibition at the Art Gallery of Western Australia alongside the best pieces from Western Australian students in my year.
Now, I continue to burn my art into wood slabs as a hobby whilst studying at university, and have completed a few pieces for friends and family, and completed a few commissions. Burning Wood Unique Art Creation Spend a lot of hour's by creating that beautiful Art Work. You could like it when your are going to watch out.

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