Thursday, 28 December 2017

The New Fairy Tales Of Kamchatka

it is a sequence of illustrated memories, based on myths and legends of the human beings of the North. nowadays many traditions and rituals described in fairy testimonies might also appear too cruel. but we need to actually study those tales to our youngsters. So we tailored them according with ethical norms of current society, and now they may be handed to the younger generation as an important part of our cultural background.

in a single village there lived a female - the maximum lovely within the entire coast. human beings from all neighbouring villages tried to woo her, but she kept rejecting the might-be grooms. Chaps from the fist village came to her. The beauty said: "may be i will marry a number of you, if you attach sticks to your cheeks and in case you move slowly on the shore". rapidly afterwards the grooms had been crawling.

There lived one female - an orphan. She had no loved ones left. Her father have been carried away on ice to the sea, and her mom died soon after lady's birth. The handiest component left from mom changed into a song, which she had been singing with the aid of the cradle. as soon as the lady commenced to starve. however there has been no area to go to. She climbed to the roof of the dugout

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