Sunday, 12 June 2016

Salt Drawings Reveal Their True Colors

Trying out out new strategies and expanding your creative field – going from one medium to another and taking new information with you for each last piece you did. That’s how you build person and versatile your artistic skills, both getting to know one challenge or many, as long as you willpower is there you may experience development and sooner or later succeed. The extra you understand the higher you'll be, and the better you are the greater complex obligations you can do. Complexity of a assignment is most effective in the mind of the observer. It’s best hard if you have no historical past knowledge.
The salt mandalas/salt artwork are simply one among many stepping stones I’m undertaking. I recognise I’m speakme more in fashionable about art than the the issue to hand – however I sense it’s greater critical to present the entire photograph instead. project initiatives like those are like entering uncharted territory. no longer most effective is it new for me, but it’s also new for the world. growing art with salt turned into around for many years – however really enhancing on what’s viable with this medium is some thing I’m very interested in. these days within the international there are handiest a handful of folks who create art using only salt and the tasks they adopt is a mere fraction of the size that I do.
Pushing a medium to new heights, and backing it up with my information of past tasks accelerates the method. Overcoming past set obstacles and growing the bar higher is of utmost significance for me. setting apart one particular element that does not gift the entire process of why I’m doing/creating the artwork nowadays. Doing initiatives like these test my skills as an artistic creator, they open my eyes and refresh my senses. More info: Etsy | Facebook | Instagram

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