Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Mom Took A Funny Pic Of Her Daughter

The pronouncing “never choose a book with the aid of its cowl” is over again proved correct. what appeared to be a funny photo of a toddler status on a lavatory turned out to be a heartbreaking photo of a toddler practicing a lockdown drill taught in preschool. thinking about the current shootings, it's far each properly little children are being taught a way to disguise from capacity attackers, but heartbreaking at the identical time.

stacey feeley, the mother of the 3-12 months-old female, determined to submit this image on facebook with a effective caption: “…politicians – take a glance. that is your baby, your children, your grandchildren, your remarkable grandchildren and future generations to come back. they may stay their lives and develop up in this global primarily based on your decisions. they are barely three and they will cover in bathroom stalls standing on top of lavatory seats. i do not recognise what will be tougher for them? looking to continue to be quiet for an extended quantity of time or trying to hold their balance with out letting a foot slip beneath the stall door?
More info: Facebook (h/t: huffingtonpost)

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