Monday, 20 June 2016

Makeup Artist Transforms Young Girl Into An Old

The next time you’re speaking to an antique punk, look twice! due to the fact you may as properly be speakme to a stunning younger woman hidden under his pores and skin.
these days, makeup artist neill gorton has shared his step-by means of-step transformation technique showing how he can turn a young girl into an antique punk. it all came about in the course of the worldwide makeup artists exchange display (imats) in london. “this become finished to promote my make up college neill gorton prosthetics studio,” neill said to bored panda. with the help of prosthetics makeup, model kelsey-leigh walker have become an certainly one of a kind character, with no trace of a lovely young lady left. properly, except her voice… the wig turned into created via andrew whiteoak.
it’s scary and on the identical time a watch-commencing sight as a way to make you are saying “oh, that is how they do it in films.”More info: Facebook | Neill Gorton Prosthetics Studio

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