Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Japanese Photographer Documents The Many Faces of Tokyo’s Stray Cats

Along with his images, jap photographer masayuki oki captures the person personalities of the numerous otherwise nameless stray cats that live in tokyo's shitamachi location. his collection is probably referred to as busayan, which actually manner "unpleasant cat", but the photographer has not anything but affection for his moggie muses.
“i need to tour the united states photographing all of japan’s adorable stray cats,” says the photographer. for now but he limits his setting to the shitamachi vicinity of the capital, wherein he files the streetwise cats as they combat, nap, and goof around for the digital camera. the photographer by no means reveals the precise location of his tom cat photoshoot, however in case you want to keep updated along with his present day photographic exploits then you can upload your call to the forty eight,000+ individuals who comply with him on instagram.

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