Wednesday, 29 June 2016

I Balance Twigs And Flowers To Create Intricate Portraits Out Of Mother Nature

Nothing taped, not anything glued, simply mother nature balancing delicately on itself. the real act of making every original piece, for me, is healing, spending lots of time out of doors strolling and foraging, genuinely in the second, my eyes scanning every rectangular inch of my surroundings.

a fallen leaf is going into the bag, later it is able to end up an eyebrow or dog ear. i choose up thin twigs, hoping they’ll paintings as a cheekbone or chin. the opportunities seem countless!

as soon as back in my studio, the twigs go all the way down to form the face. sifting via sparkling rose petals, i’m on the lookout for an appropriate pair of lips. subsequent, being very cautious now not to sneeze, i use my tweezers to vicinity the white petal of a german statice because the completing spotlight in the attention. there’s a freedom in knowing the whole thing i’m doing is transient.

after I end the piece, i report it with a photograph, being very cautious now not to bump the desk and mother nature’s house of cards. the final step is to recycle it all back into the earth or into my subsequent piece.

the whole lot you see in those photographs came without delay from the earth. it's my way of paying respect to mother nature in a sustainable manner. every body can do this at domestic! forage your community for fallen bits or do some snipping out of your own lawn, find a flat surface, and notice in which it takes you!More info: | Facebook | Instagram

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