Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Heads Inside Miniature Galleries To Become Famous Art Exhibits Themselves

Placed Your Head Into Gallery is an interactive art-mission, which presents four specific models of famous galleries’ rooms. The undertaking additionally includes exhibitions of different artists in above-stated spaces. transportable feature of the fashions makes those galleries accessible for all and sundry. moreover, absolutely everyone can investigate gallery, take a image and grow to be an exhibit themselves.
put Your Head Into Gallery evolved from the preceding venture – fake Exhibition, which turned into created to be able to guide translation of the artist important idea falsification into goal global. on this venture artist gives his personal exhibition within the scaled Saatchi Gallery space – the exhibition, which has in no way existed. convenient characteristic of the version furnished an ability for everyone to visit Tezi Gabunia’s exhibition at Saatchi Gallery. In this situation, the model is supplied as a digital message. This kind of innovation makes an occasion available for a big target market, on the other hand, it’s a manifestation of hyper-realistic issues. the primary occasion changed into noticeably diagnosed as nicely in local, additionally in international media. This induced the mission to evolve and constitute a right away reflection on falsification and hiper-realism.
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