Wednesday, 15 June 2016

After The War: Vietnamese Girl Born Without Arms Lives

for the duration of the vietnam warfare, the u.s. army released agent orange into vietnam jungle to defoliate wooded area land, aiming at destroying region to lurk and perform of vietnam’s guerrillas. but, its results have affected vietnam seriously. an envisioned 4.eight million human beings are inflamed via this chemical, masses of lots of them surpassed away and millions of people, which includes their descendants, living with sequels of sickness because of this poisonous chemical.
for me, pictures can deliver top messages to all of us directly and it's far like my diary. i have travelled to many places to seize the every day life of all the human beings round me. within the numberless photos about the vietnamese human beings that i took, i am really satisfied with this photo percent. i would really like to tell you a tale approximately an active female with difficulties in a disabled body and deprivation cloth.
in a bad village in the north of my united states of america, vietnam, there may be a small house where a young woman, named nguyet, lives. she is one of many human beings that got sequel after the battle. she became born with out her arms. consequently, she will be able to do her daily sports, way to her legs. she dreams of getting a small house to live independently and having a non violent existence in the village.
nguyet is residing together with her dad and mom in vĩnh phúc province, hà nội capital. she will be able to do home tasks, take care of her nephew

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